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Hey, guys. I know lot of you probably won’t give a shit because it’s not relevant to you but this girl I know named Jasmin died in a car wreck yesterday. Her dying wish was to have Drake sing at her funeral. On twitter it is already a movement and you can follow me @itsBrehey if you need/want. If…

it’s taking EVERY thing in me not to just break down & cry … this week has been one of the craziest for me in a while. I lost my cousin but her twin started the greatest movement out our city , nation if you ask me. All in hopes to make her dream come true #DrakeSingForJasmin . But while all of this is going I’m being hit in every direction . I don’t know whether to rejoice & count my blessings or just…shut down

#DrakeSingForJasmin #ESPYS #DontEverGiveUp #ESPYS2014


I’ll always remember the days with you in dance class at Laney. You’re a sweet soul and in a better place now. Everyone pray for Jasmin and her family #DrakeSingForJasmin would be sweet if drake sang for her. Spread the word. ❤️❤️❤️

True story #tragedy #rip #drakesingforjasmin ✌️#gooddieyoung
Female passenger killed in single car accident on HWY 17


Her dying wish was to have Drake sing at her funeral! Reblog this and PLEASE tweet #DrakeSingForJasmin

RIP beautiful! 


Now this that real shit…  come om yall fuck the vine let #doitforjasmine #DrakeSingForJasmin @champagnepapi @birdman5star  @nickiminaj

Heaven has gained such a beautiful angel, R.I.P Jasmin Grady you will forever be missed babygirl. @champagnepapi #drakesing4jasmin #drakesingforjasmin #drakesing4jasmin #drakesingforjasmin #drakesingforjasmin #drakesing4jasmin #RIPJasmin

#repost #retweet #drakesingforjasmin @jas_always #JasminGrady, a 20 year old #NCAT student from #WilmingtonNC, was killed in a car accident this past Sunday. Even if @champagnepapi can’t make it to the funeral, maybe he record a video and send it to her family. 💝